About Assets Are Sexy:

Assets Are Sexy is dedicated to help female entrepreneurs and executives, and the men who champion us, leverage their expertise into income-producing assets that become economic engines accelerating their success.

We believe assets are the economic engines that not only drive wealth but allow you to magnify the impact of your message. It starts by taking action. The right daily habits practiced consistently over time attracts abundance through the cultivation of a wealth mindset. Sign up now for Sharon Lechter’s ATM: daily deposits of Abundance, Tips & Mentoring.

The number of women-owned businesses generating $1M in annual revenue needs to grow. Assets Are Sexy is the financial empowerment movement to support women entrepreneurs ready to take their successful businesses and make them sustainable, scalable, and saleable.

In 2018, only 1.7% of all women-owned businesses generated $1M in revenue (2018 American Express). According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), that number has now risen to 4.2%. Assets Are Sexy is on a mission to increase the number of women-owned businesses generating $1M to 17% by 2025.

Assets Are Sexy is for women entrepreneurs (and the men who champion us) who understand The Power of Association: Connecting already successful women with other successful women entrepreneurs and business owners. Are you ready to surround yourself with people who will help you grow? Join our Facebook Group here.

Successful women entrepreneurs have mastered the essential components of a successful business. We have brought them together in the Assets Are Sexy community. We believe women need access to women who have already succeeded using these essential components and who are ready to mentor them to the next level of success.

Confidence is the key that unlocks the door to the greatest success.

Meet the Assets Are Sexy Team

Learn what we each carry in our purse or is in our possession.
What’s in yours?

Sharon Lechter - An Entrepreneur and International Speaker

Sharon Lechter says, “In my purse:  Lots of cash to keep an abundance mindset. Lots of pictures of my grandchildren…and a few of my children, too!  Comment cards to compliment American Airlines employees.

My possession:   Samsung Notebook with Kindle App, Black Pearls, Large Amethyst Geode…matching halves.

What’s your favorite food: Black Angus Steak  (Yes we raise Black Angus Cattle at our ranch www.cherrycreeklodge.com)”

Angela Totman – Speaker and Financial Coach

Angela Totman says, “In my purse: Sunglasses, phone, pen, and a Paleo bar because I am always hungry.

In my possession: A notebook and pen for when inspiration hits and water to stay hydrated.

My favorite food: a breakfast scramble or if I have a sweet tooth, classic freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.”

Carolyn Andrews - Certified Business and Executive Coach

Carolyn Andrews says, “You might find a pair of dice in my purse.  They remind me to be bold and take a risk & I want to always be ready for the possibility of a Crap game…I love to roll those dice.

You will always find me with a bottle of water.  I love to travel & bring home bottles from special places to remind me of fun trips.  They also remind me that when I am financially empowered, I am free to enjoy the world.  My favorite reminders are a Mickey Mouse bottle from Disneyland, a volcano bottle from Hawaii and an Elephant Reserve bottle from Thailand.

My favorite food is Ice Cream!  When I was a little girl, I was a little messy so I always ordered the ice cream that was the same color as my blouse…just in case!  When you are on an adventure, it’s always good to have a risk mitigation plan & a little extra protection.”

Angel Tuccy - Best-Selling Author

Angel Tuccy says, “In my purse (and now, sitting in front of my screen) I always have lip gloss and Maybelline #388 Plum for Me lipstick, and my reading glasses that came with my 50th birthday. Ugh.

My favorite food is coffee (does that count?).

My simple pleasures are red wine and popcorn, but I will never turn down a chance to share a glass of Prosecco with you.”

Dawn Moore - Marketer, Writer and Designer

Dawn Moore says, “I don’t carry a purse. Really. I’m more of a one credit card and $100-bill-in-my-pocket person. I don’t need much more than that and my cellphone. When I travel, I carry an elegant backpack that holds my ever-present laptop and assorted technology. You won’t find me without an Optavia® food bar, a bottle of H20, and my passport. I always have my passport. I think I have Gypsy DNA. Somewhere, I’ll have stuffed my favorite lipstick and my Maui Jim’s.

My health is one of my favorite assets. However, peanut M&Ms are just plain evil. I can pass on the cake and ice cream, but Lord help me when it comes to candy. What to get on my good side? Order me a nice margarita with a tequila upgrade and a bowl of fruit guacamole.”